What Is a Battery Box Assembly?

A battery box is an enclosure with a cover that contains a deep-cycle battery. The box secures and protects the battery during transportation and features ports for charging the battery and drawing current to power other devices. As a unit of cells and their electrical connections, a battery box assembly usually comprises a metal enclosure and a series of air tanks and steps.

Depending on the truck model, the steel or aluminum battery box can have many configurations with specific production requirements. At Proform Group, our qualified team uses an agile material requirements planning (MRP) system to prioritize the needs of our clients.

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Battery Box Assemblies

Battery Box Assemblies Offered at Proform Group

Proform Group manufactures various battery boxes, fuel tanks, air tanks, and similar assemblies for the commercial vehicle and semi-truck industry. Here is an overview of each type of battery box assembly.

  • Commercial Vehicle: Battery boxes for commercial vehicles protect the battery from oil and gas, weather, and impact. They prevent movement during transportation and provide a reservoir that catches leaks and overflow from the battery when the vehicle is idle. Each metal battery box is made for a single group size or multiple group sizes. Commercial vehicles have complex and distinct production requirements that must be considered when selecting the right box truck batteries. Proform Group’s skilled team and MRP system can meet clients’ specific needs.
  • School Bus: A battery box for a school bus protects the battery and fits in a space underneath the body of the bus for easy access during service and replacement. A mounting bracket keeps the battery secure, and a corrosion-resistant drip pan catches battery fluids that may spill or leak. Battery boxes for buses may include a battery shelf and a door for additional protection, while a battery tray prevents deformation and holds the battery’s weight. Proform Group manufactures battery boxes to supply nearly 65% of the entire school bus market in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Air Tank Assembly: Battery box assemblies typically include the engine battery box, air tanks, and one or more steps for the vehicle operator to access the cab.


Battery Box Assemblies From Proform Group, Inc.

The battery box and assembly are essential components of commercial vehicles, including semi-trucks and school buses. They keep the battery from being damaged, deformed, or exposed to the elements and provide ports for charging and discharging the battery. The ideal battery box for a specific application depends on the vehicle. With various configurations and sizes, battery box assemblies can be customized for a wide range of uses.

Proform Group is a Tier 1 supplier of battery boxes, air tanks, fuel tanks, and related assemblies for the commercial vehicle industry. We are one of North America’s leading manufacturers, with two advanced manufacturing facilities in the United States—and a third site in development—to serve customers across the continent with efficient solutions.

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