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OEM Fuel Tank Systems Product and Capabilities

OEM Fuel Tanks and Tank-Related Assemblies

Fuel tank systems provide a safe and reliable way to store and transport fuel while ensuring smooth operation. With expertise in complex engineered and welded assemblies, Proform Group Inc. (PGI) can deliver quality fuel storage tank systems for several vehicle platforms in the industrial, commercial, military, and school bus sectors. Our capabilities also include fuel tank straps and supports, battery boxes, fabricated components, and school bus fuel tank & crash cage assemblies.


Steel & Aluminum Fuel Tank Systems

Our fuel tank systems are constructed with quality steel and aluminum materials for optimal strength and durability. Depending on our customers’ needs, we offer various options for our steel and aluminum fuel tank systems. These options include:

  1. Round
  2. Rectangular
  3. D-shape tanks
  4. Painted
  5. Polished

Tank Specifications

Proform manufactures fuel tank systems to meet specific industry needs. To deliver a solution that adheres to your requirements, we can produce fuel tank systems with the following specifications:

Materials: Our fuel tank systems are constructed with durable steel, aluminized steel, and aluminum materials.
Shape: Our fuel tank systems are available in various shapes, including round, square, rectangular, slated-D, and D-shape.
Finishing options: To ensure your fuel tank system holds up under harsh conditions, we offer several finishing options, including polished, acid etched, CARC, powder coated, armored, and reinforced.
Capacity: This refers to the amount of fuel a tank can hold. To meet a range of application needs, we can manufacture our fuel tank systems with capacities ranging from 60 to 180 gallons.
Delivery: All of our fuel tank systems are pre-packaged for service and drop shipped. They are also line set, sequenced, and come with JIT (Just-In-Time) delivery.

Proform Part #Product DescriptionMaterialEnd Cap ShapeTank Length (mm)Tank Length (in)Tank Size (Gallons)PGI DescriptionFinish
D040A1625ETLHRD Tank AluminumAluminum16" D (16" x 25")77130.3640TANK 40G L 16x25x30.3"ETAnoRTRNtubeREAR FILLEtching
D050A1625ETLHFD Tank AluminumAluminum16" D (16" x 25")77130.3650TANK 50G L 16inD ETAEtching
D050A1625ETLHRD Tank AluminumAluminum16" D (16" x 25")88034.6550TANK 50G L 16x25x35.4"ETAnoRTRNtubeREAR FILLEtching
D050A1625ETRHFD Tank AluminumAluminum16" D (16" x 25")77130.3650TANK 50G L 16inD ETAEtching
D050A1925ETLHRD Tank AluminumAluminum19" D (19" x 25")77130.3650TANK 50G L 19x25x30.3"ETAnoRTRNtubeREAR FILLEtching
D070A1925ETLHRD Tank AluminumAluminum19" D (19" x 25")100039.3770TANK 70G L 19x25x39.4"ETAnoRTRNtubeREAR FILLEtching
D080A1925ETLHRD Tank AluminumAluminum19" D (19" x 25")116045.6780TANK 80G L 19x25x45.7"ETAnoRTRNtubeREAR FILLEtching
D100A1925ETLHRD Tank AluminumAluminum19" D (19" x 25")145057.09100TANK 100G L 19x25x57.1"ETAnoRTRNtubeREAR FILLEtching
L070A0019ETRHFSlant Tank AluminumAluminum19" D Slant121547.8470TANK 70G R 19"slantD ETA+RTRNtubeFRNT FILL(VOID)Etching
R050A0024ETES24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round67126.4250TANK 50G 24x26.4"ETA+3.38"FILL+GAUGEEtching
R070A0024ETES24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round102240.2470TANK, 70 GAL 24" DIA.X 40.23"LG+CAP 3"PLN AL+8"CHN+BAREtching
R070A0024ETLHR24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round102240.2470TANK 70Gal 24inETA Rd LH Rear FillEtching
R070A0026ETRHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round85533.6670TANK 70G R 26x33.7"ETA 3.38"FILL REAR+GAUGEEtching
R080A0024ETRH24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round11434580TANK 80G R 24x45.0"ETA 3.38"FILL CNTRL+GAUGEEtching
R080A0024ETRHF24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round11434580TANK 80Gal 24inETA Rd Front Fill 08-Up CascadiaEtching
R080A0026ETLHC26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round96537.9980TANK 80Gal 26inETA Center Fill After 2006Etching
R080A0026ETLHF26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round96537.9980TANK 80G L 26x38.0"ETA 3.38"FILL FRNT+GAUGEEtching
R100A0024ETLHR24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round142255.99100TANK 100Gal 24inETA Rear FillEtching
R100A0024ETRHF24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round142255.99100TANK 100G R 24x56.0"ETA 3.38"FILL FRNT+GAUGEEtching
R100A0024ETRHF24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round142255.99100TANK 100Gal 24inETA RH Round Front Fill T600Etching
R100A0024ETRHR24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round142255.99100TANK 100Gal 24inETA Rear FillEtching
R100A0026ETLH26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round120547.44100TANK 100G L 26"ETA(serv3510766C97+CAP+VNTetc)Etching
R100A0026ETLHC26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round120547.44100TANK 100Gal 26inETA Center Fill Before 2006Etching
R100A0026ETRHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round120547.44100TANK 100Gal 26inETA RH Before 2006Etching
R120A0024ETES24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round169566.73120TANK 120G L 24"ETA+VNT+HOSE+CLMPserviceEtching
R120A0024ETLHF24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round169566.73120TANK 120Gal 24inETA LH Round Front Fill '07-Earlier T600Etching
R120A0024ETLHF24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round169566.73120TANK 120Gal 24inETA Rd Front Fill '08-Up T600Etching
R120A0024ETLHR24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round169566.73120TANK 120Gal 24inETA LH Round Rear Fill '07-EarlierEtching
R120A0024ETLHR24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round169566.73120TANK 120Gal 24inETA LH Rear Fill T600 08-UpEtching
R120A0024ETRHR24" Round AluminumAluminum24" Round169566.73120TANK 120Gal 24inETA Rear Fill '07-EarlierEtching
R120A0026ETRH26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round143156.34120TANK 120G R 26x56.3inETA 3.38inFILL+GAUGEEtching
R125A0026ETLHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round143156.34125TANK 125Gal 26inETA LH Rd Rear Fill 2008-UpEtching
R135A0026ETLHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55135TANK 135Gal 26inETA LH Rear Fill Before 2006Etching
R135A0026ETRHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55135TANK 135Gal 26inETA RH Rear Fill Before 2006Etching
R150A0026ETLH26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55150TANK 150G L 26"ETA(serv3510770C97+CAP+VNTetc)Etching
R150A0026ETLHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55150TANK 150Gal 26inETA LH Aluminum Before 2006Etching
R150A0026ETLHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55150TANK 150Gal 26inETA LH After 2006Etching
R150A0026ETRHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55150TANK 150Gal 26inETA RH Before 2006Etching
R150A0026ETRHR26" Round AluminumAluminum26" Round179270.55150TANK 150Gal 26inETA RH After 2006Etching
D050S1625PALHD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)16" D (16" x 25")88034.6550TANK 50G L 16"PTS D(serv3534392C94+CAP+VNTetc)Paint
D050S1925PALHD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)19" D (19" x 25")72828.6650TANK 50G L 19"PTS D(serv3671325C91+CAP)Paint
D070S1925PALHD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)19" D (19" x 25")100039.3770TANK 70G L 19"PTS D(serv3534400C95+CAP+VNTetc)Paint
D070S2325PARHFD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)23" D (23" x 25")88034.6570TANK,70G R 23"D PTS FRNT FILL(short3594955C92)Paint
D080S2325PARHD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)23" D (23" x 25")96537.9980TANK 80G R 23"PTS D(serv3594955C92+CAP+VNTetc)Paint
D100S1925PARHD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)19" D (19" x 25")145057.09100TANK 100G R 19"PTS D(serv3539706C93+CAP+VNTetc)Paint
D100S2325PALHD Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)23" D (23" x 25")120547.44100TANK 100G L 23"PTS D(serv3559002C94+3"CAP+VNTetc)Paint
L050S0019PALHSlant Tank SteelSteel (Aluminized)19" D Slant88034.6550TANK 50G L 19"PTSslantD(serv3625762C91+CAP)Paint
R080S0026PALH26" Round SteelSteel (Aluminized)26" Round96738.0780TANK 80G L 26"PTS(see3590471C95+CAPservice)Paint
R100S0026PALH26" Round SteelSteel (Aluminized)26" Round120847.56100TANK, 100G LSM 26" ROUND STEELPaint
S018S1320PALHRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (13" x 20")5082018TANK 18G 13inrectPTS LH SIDE MOUNTEDPaint
S028S1525PALHFRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (15" x 25")53320.9828TANK 28G PTS 15x25x21"+CAP+VNTservicePaint
S030S1320PALHRRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (13" x 20")78130.7530TANK 30G L 13"rectPTS+RTRNtubeREARfillPaint
S035S1320PARHFRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (13" x 20")90835.7535TANK35G R 13x20x35.7"PTS+RTRNtube2.9"FILL FRNTPaint
S040S1125PALHRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (11" x 25")10164040TANK 40G L 11"PTSrect(serv3539703C94+CAP+VNTetc)Paint
S040S1525PAESNRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (15" x 25")75129.5740TANK 40G BTR 15x25x29.6"PTS LSM 1.5"FILL(noRTRNtube)Paint
S060S1125PALHRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (11" x 25")146057.4860TANK 60G L 11"PTSrect(serv3539705C94+CAP+VNTetc)Paint
S060S1525PARHRectangular Steel GasolineSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (15" x 25")119447.0160TANK GAS 60G RH FILL 15x25in PTS HATCH RING 6450WBPaint
S065S1320PARHFRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (13" x 20")167665.9965TANK65G R 13x20x66"PTS+RTRNtube2.9"FILL FRNTPaint
S065S1525PRHRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (15" x 25")119447.0165TANK 65G 15x25x47inPTSnoRTRNtubeRHS BUSPaint
S100S1525PABTNRectangular SteelSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (15" x 25")182972.01100TANK 100G BTR 15x25inPTS BTR BUS RHsideFILLPaint
S100S1525PARHRectangular Steel GasolineSteel (Aluminized)Rectangular (15" x 25")182972.01100TANK GAS 100G RH FILL 15x25"PTS HATCH RING,7000WBPaint

Battery Box Assemblies

Proform manufactures and supplies battery boxes for commercial vehicles, school buses, air tank assemblies, heavy-duty trucks, and over-the-road tractors. Our battery box assemblies complement our core fuel tank business and are assembled at all three plants. The many variations we offer are built-to-order and shipped JIT (Just-In-Time).

Our battery boxes typically consist of a set of steps, air tanks, and a metal box for the engine battery. The assembly can feature numerous configurations that vary by each truck model, resulting in complex production requirements. At PGI, we maintain an agile and trained team, as well as an MRP system that helps us keep up with customer needs.


DEF Tank Systems

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank systems are essential for diesel engines that use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to minimize carbon footprint from nitrogen oxide emissions. They are commonly made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE), which makes them last longer.

In the United States, it is required that all medium and heavy-duty trucks produced after January 1, 2010 meet the latest EPA emission standards. This is mainly achieved through the use of an aftertreatment system, which typically includes SCR technology utilizing DEF. DEF is non-flammable, safe to handle, and nontoxic; however, it is corrosive against some metals. As such, DEF must be stored in special DEF tank systems on board the vehicle. These tanks are typically placed behind the cab, next to the diesel fuel tank.

At PGI, we can manufacture DEF tank systems that hold up against corrosive materials. Depending on your needs, these tanks can be assembled in various sizes and configurations. Additionally, all of our DEF tanks are manufactured in adherence to ISO 22241 standards to protect against failures or issues with your emissions system.


PGI manufactures fuel storage tanks, crash guards, and battery box systems for use in school buses across North America. Our crash cages are made with high-strength seamless tube materials, providing a durable solution for every school bus in the United States and Canada. We also offer a propane variant for low emissions and enhanced fuel economy.



At PGI, we have the capability to produce fuel tanks for military vehicles due to our use of Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC). This coating is a type of paint used primarily on military vehicles to enhance the metal surfaces’ ability to resist corrosion and the penetration of chemical materials. PGI is an ITAR-certified company, making us a trusted supplier to the US and Allied Military and Armed Forces.


Fabricated & Stamped

  • Brackets
  • FT Straps
  • Steps
  • Other

PGI manufactures a wide range of tank-related assemblies, including strap assemblies, support brackets and school bus crash cages. We also have extensive Fabrication and Paint capabilities including Break Presses, Shear Presses, Plasma Cutting, 5 Axis Fiber Laser Cutting and custom welding. Soon we will be adding 3D Additive Manufacturing

Get Your OEM Fuel Tank Systems and Parts From PGI

Fuel tank systems are a crucial aspect of various medium and heavy-duty vehicles, providing an effective way to store and transport fuel. As a leading manufacturer and Tier 1 supplier of fuel tanks, battery boxes, and related assemblies, PGI is your go-to source for quality OEM fuel tank systems. In addition to serving the industrial, commercial, and military sectors, we supply nearly 65% of the US and Canadian school bus market with quality fuel tank solutions.

For more information about our OEM fuel tank systems, or to get started on your custom solution, contact us today.

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